Christine Joanna Glover


    • Visual Artists
    • Painting
    • United Kingdom

Artist CV

Christine Joanna Glover is a graduate from Art and Art History from the University of Reading, currently residing in the United Kingdom. Her practice encompasses photomontage, painting, drawing and it addresses themes of emotionality and spirituality. Her feelings are the foundation of all her artwork. Within her art glimpses of her childhood, relationships and events surrounding her are explored. Layers compromise all of her work which enables her to create whimsical and ethereal environments in which she can escape. She firmly believes that we were all born to be creative, by doing so we experience our inner most deep selves. Art has a profound healing potential which enables her to grow, connect and heal throughout different points of her life. Through her material process she explores a sense of innocence and nostalgia creating pieces that glorify a wholesome childhood that was lost. She achieves this by using vibrant colours, glitter and other materials rendering them as adolescent memorabilia. She employs oneiric imagery inspired by both Dadaism and Surrealism in her work. Her work encompasses repeating patterns, decorative elements specifically on feminine bodies and sometimes text. To her, making art is play.