Iliada Charalambous


    • Visual Artists
    • Installation
    • Hague
    • Netherlands

Artist CV

Charalambous' work usually finds its origins in current social and political events approached through a personal perspective. She sympathizes with what feminist pioneer Carol Hanisch famously viewed the 'Personal as Political', rooted in the thought that either directly or indirectly politics affect our individual lives; sometimes in a practical/economic manner and sometimes in regards to our identity and position within the hierarchical, power structures of our societies.

A big source of inspiration for this interest was the witnessing of the economical collapse of her home country of Cyprus in 2012-13, and the subsequent rediscovery and transformation of values in the society. This process marked the beginning of a constant questioning in regards to the relationship of individual citizens to their governments, its policies, its corruptions, the way its economic policies are shaped etc.

Charalambous, currently works with the idea of dialogue and citizen assembly as counter-action to the fractured environment shaped by politics. She is part of the AltVisions collective which aims to bring together artists, academics and practitioners to think together and present possible alternative visions for an egalitarian and resilient future.