Panayiotis Andreou


    • Visual Artists
    • Sculpture
    • Italy

Artist CV

Panayiotis Andreou (b.1997), lives and works in Italy and Cyprus. 

He studied “Visual Arts and Performing Arts” with specialization in Painting, at the Academy of Fine Arts “Pietro Vannucci” and he is currently attending academy for his Master in Sculpting, Perugia.

He displaced the work "Fos-Fos" in his first solo exhibition, Spazio Ulisse, Chiusi-Italy (2019). He has participated in group exhibitions in Italy and Cyprus, including “Seeking Roots”, NiMAC, Nicosia-Cyprus (2021); “Thresholds of Life”, Almyra Hotel, organized by the “Cittadellarte” Foundation of M. Pistoletto, Paphos-Cyprus (2019); "Premio Nazionale delle Arti", Pinacoteca Albertina, Turin-Italy (2019); “Suoni Controvento” with work Land Art "100 Vessilli", Monte Cucco-Italy (2019); "Artist's Book", Palazzo Trinci Foligno-Italy (2019); "Auralevisuale-incipt", Centro per l'Arte Contemporanea Trebisonda, Perugia-Italy (2019).

He received the scholarship, for the academic year 2018/2019, at the Academy of Fine Arts “Pietro Vannucci” Perugia-Italy (2019). He was awarded the second prize in Engraving in the "6th Telemachos Kanthos Fine Arts Competition", Cyprus (2020). To date he has taken part in various workshops and collaborated with various art organizations, some of them being held in his home country, Cyprus and abroad.

One of his works belongs to the Cypriot Collection of the "State Gallery of Contemporary Art".