Interartcy is a project mapping young (20-40 years old) Cypriot diaspora artists and art theorists, showcasing and promoting their work and encouraging their interaction with the local art scene.

Ιnterartcy´s website collects and features the work and the professional profiles of Cypriot visual artists, curators, art-critics and art-historians who are based outside Cyprus and are active within the broader contemporary artistic field. The outcome is a digital archive in progress, continuously updated and expanded by the research team behind it but also through the recommendations and suggestions of the creators that are featured in it.

Seeking to prompt communication and to nurture networking among the contemporary Cypriot cultural community, the website hosts a communication platform allowing live chat between its members. The platform creates the space and the circumstances for professional and creative exchange, enhancing the feeling of community, bridging the distance and (re)connecting Cypriot diaspora creators with their based-in-Cyprus peers and local audiences.

Interartcy aspires not only to provide a tool for promotion and networking but to actively and positively impact the evolution and advancement of the young Cypriot artistic and theoretical production, allowing and mediating synergies, collaborations and exchanges.


* Interartcy is a project by the Lefteris Economou Foundation. It is the outcome of the Foundation’s engagement and preoccupation with the commitment and function of cultural institutions towards the support and advocacy of young contemporary cultural production.


Demetra Ignatiou
independent curator